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Beta Good wins sustainable golf business, Ocean Tee

Beta Good has been appointed as the lead creative agency for Ocean Tee - a sustainable golf brand looking to disrupt the golf industry and change it for the better. Ocean Tee started with the simple idea of replacing plastic golf tees with sustainable bamboo tees in an effort to try and help tackle the current plastic crisis that our oceans are suffering. On top of this, the brand committed to giving 25% of corporate profits to marine conservation charities.

Ocean Tee has grown organically over the last year and due to a clear market need, now offers a range of sustainably made golf apparel too. Working with a number of key partners including the

Sustainable Angle, GeoFoundation and Tencel the new range showcases a number of innovative, sustainable production processes that place Ocean Tee at the forefront of environmental sustainability - setting the standard for other golf brands to follow. We've been brought in to help bring this success story to life creatively, and help take the brand into its next stage of growth. The first work will include a brand film that brings to life both the vision and the story behind Ocean Tee, as well as showcasing the innovative sustainable products it’s creating in collaboration with its many amazing partners.

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